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Hi all,

I have a basic question regarding content starts and would be really happy if someone could help me: When I start a video and pause after a few minutes, get me a coffee and go on watching the content after a few minutes, does it count as one content start or two?

By definition a content start is the “First frame of video is viewed” – which would suggest that it is one content start – because it only counts the first frame of the video. Is that true?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I believe this will depend on how  you have the tracking set up.  I would expect it would only count as one content start.  However if you are away longer than 30mins, it will count as a new visit.

You can use the Adobe Experience Cloud debugger to view the tracking for the original start, and the later restart and see if the same or different event is being sent.

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Answers (1)