connector to connect sitecatalyst and Qlikview

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey nupur123456789,

In researching Qlikview, it seems to be a data visualization program similar to Tableau.  If you're looking to export data into Qlikview, DataWarehouse and DataFeed tools are likely the best options to export data from Adobe to be imported into Qlikview to apply visualizations.

If this is in regards to a DataConnector integration with imports, exports, and data collection components; however, the partner showcase (located under "Admin > DataConnectors > Add New" within the Analytics interface) does not currently list Qlikview as an available integration.

Any potential partner looking to create a net-new integration (one that isn't already available for selection in the Partner Showcase) is able to do so by joining the Adobe Exchange Program.  Upon joining the program, our Partner Integration Team will work with the partner and provide instructions to develop their new integration against our platform.

Alternate solutions may be available through Adobe consulting as well.  Your account manager is able to assist in setting up any consulting engagements, if you prefer this route.


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