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Connect Adobe Analytics with Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama)


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Hello everyone,


Is there any documentation on how to connect Adobe Analytics to Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama)?


I couldn't find much.



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There is similar thread regarding connection of adobe analytics and datorama



Here is some documentation from Salesforce:



Hope this helps!


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Although there isn't a specific documentation for connecting Adobe Analytics to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama), you can follow a general approach to import data from Adobe Analytics into Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

Here's a high-level overview of the process:

  1. Export Adobe Analytics data: First, you'll need to export the desired data from Adobe Analytics. You can use the Adobe Analytics API to extract the required data in a suitable format, such as CSV or JSON. The API documentation is available at https://developer.adobe.com/analytics-apis/docs/2.0/

  2. Import data into Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Once you have the Adobe Analytics data in a suitable format, you can import it into Marketing Cloud Intelligence using one of the available data connectors. The platform supports various data ingestion methods, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and more. You can find more information on data ingestion in Marketing Cloud Intelligence here:

  3. Create a Data Model: After importing the data, you'll need to create a data model in Marketing Cloud Intelligence to map the fields from the imported data to the appropriate fields in the platform. This step ensures that the data is correctly processed and visualized in your reports and dashboards.

  4. Build Reports and Dashboards: With the data model in place, you can start building reports and dashboards in Marketing Cloud Intelligence to analyze and visualize your Adobe Analytics data.

Please note that the specific steps and configurations may vary depending on your use case and data requirements. It's always a good idea to consult with your Adobe Analytics and Marketing Cloud Intelligence support teams or account managers for tailored guidance on integrating the two platforms.