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Compare Time Periods - Prior Week to this Date Range - Odd Behavior


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Looks like the recent changes to introduce times into the date range selection may have impacted the Compare Time Periods feature in Workspace when attempting to compare to the prior week.  When selecting the "Prior Week to this date range" option, the resulting time period generated has an start date that is one day after the date range of the panel....and an end date that is one day before the generated end date (i.e., both dates are wrong and the compare end date occurs before the compare start date). 


Comparing time periods using the "Prior Month to this date range" and "Prior Year to this date range" options appear to be working properly.


See attached screenshots. 


Compare Time Periods - Start.pngCompare Time Periods - In Progress.pngCompare Time Periods - Result.png

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Employee Advisor

@iamjasona I think it's working fine. Just checked in our test company and the date range looks accurate. Below is a screenshot. Is there something specific about your date range or calendar setting?

If you find everything to be accurate and yet the date range for the prior week aren't accurate, please reach out to Client Care and they will deep dive to find the root cause.




Level 3

Interesting!  I know this will probably sound strange, but do you mind selecting the week I chose initially (March 14-20) and repeat?  


I also get good behavior if I start with the panel's date range as Oct 3-9....or even March 21-27!  However, if I choose March 14-20, I consistently get the behavior in the screenshots.  Same behavior using Incognito and across multiple reporting suites.


Interestingly, if I start with March 7-13 (the week before the time period I mentioned in the original post) and repeat the test, the Compare time period comes as March 7-13!!


Compare Time Periods - Start 2.pngCompare Time Periods - In Progress 2.pngCompare Time Periods - Result 2.png