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Clickthrough rate calculation for Link Clicks


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I am trying to calculate the number of clicks to a button as compared to traffic to the page.

I would ideally like to create a calculated metric Link Clicks/Page Views that I could break down by button/link names.


What is the best way to get this metric (or an equivalent measure) for each button/link name on a page?

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I don't think it's possible in AA.

The complication is that pageviews are tracked with the Pageview tag, whereas link clicks are tracked with the Custom Link tag. You could set a common eVar with both tags, e.g. to track the page name. But once you breakdown that eVar by the Custom Link name, AA will report 0 pageviews for each Custom Link because it was impossible for it to track a pageview with a Custom Link.

I normally have to resort to Excel for something like this, which sounds ridiculous for something as "trivial" as calculating a clickthrough rate.