Classification Rule Builder Test does not match Reports



I have an issue with the Classication Rule Builder in which a rule that behaves correctly when tested returns values that are not correct in the report. Specifically, I’m using a the following rule:

  • Rule Type: Regular Expression
  • Matching Condition: ^(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))\|(([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*)_([^_|]*))$
  • Set classification: utm_campaign
  • To: $1

When I test this with:


utm_campaign is blank, indicating no match. However in the report, the same tracking code matches utm_campaign with:


What is going on here?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The regex you posted will not match the key you posted.  You can easily verify this by testing it in two different places in the rule builder, or online elsewhere (e.g. So,l if your classification report is getting popped with a value, then the value is coming from somewhere else.

Possible sources:

  1. Your posted CRB does not accurately reflect what you actually have
  2. You have another rule in your CRB matching it
  3. You imported classifications for that key via browser or ftp location
  4. The key was previously classified from something else (manually or automated)
    1. Sometimes there is funkiness with re-classifying columns vs. previously classified data. Especially if you rename columns instead of delete them, or delete them when they are not the last column listed. Did you recently re-classify the report? Try deleting all classification columns from the report and add them again.


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Answers (4)



I am having a similar issue.  I ran a classification rule builder test.  The results were perfect.  All columns populated with expected parsed attributes - But when I run a report I only see Unspecified.  The delimiter I am using is an underscore. 


Does it take some times to actually process in the reports?



This is the only rule that classifies utm_campaign.

I'm not trying to classify any part of the above string - it should not match. However, it is matching with ‘mombaby_foc_17m8_care_hp-pn|video_|programmatic|w2045-twincities_demo_awareness|video_v1_ birth_|mombaby_foc_17m8_care_hp-pn’ to $1.

$1 is the equivalent of '^([^_|]*_[^_|]*_[^_|]*_[^_|]*_[^_|]*)$', the first parentheses.




You may have to consider that this specific rule may not be the one classifying it. if you have just written the rule, it could also mean that it has still not reflected in the reports.

Question: What part are you trying to classify in the above string in utm_campaign?