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Changing week to Mon-Sun - Historical data


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Hi everyone,

Our current Adobe Analytics calendar set up defines a week as Sun-Sat. I am considering updating this to Mon-Sun. To do this, I believe I need to update the calendar at a report suite level to "Modified Gregorian Calendar".

The documentation for this has a big caution box that states:
"Changing the calendar changes the way data is processed (i.e. the definition of weekly and monthly unique visitors). When a calendar’s definition of weeks and months changes, historical data is not altered. This setting also affects segments based on date ranges."

I'm unsure what is meant by "historical data is not altered". Does this mean I won't be able to use weekly reporting for any data sent prior to the calendar update being made?

Documentation: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/admin/admin-tools/manage-report-suites/edit-report...


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I believe that this refers to some of the processing that happens at the time that data is captured...


Anything in the reports that is calculated on the fly in Workspace should be fine (which should include breakdown by Week - I think....), but there are fields in the raw data, such as "weekly_visitor" (Flag to determine if the hit is a new weekly visitor)...  this value won't shift to apply to your new weekly designations for instance. That data is set during processing, it won't be reprocessed to reflect the new calendar configuration.



If you have a Dev suite, you could test the change there first and see what sort of impacts occur to be sure that nothing major is going to happen.