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Can you track a visitor across multiple report suites?


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I'm wondering if it is possible to track a visitor's activity across multiple product/reporting suites? I understand that you can incorporate multiple report suites into a single Workspace project using different panels, but can you actually follow an individual as then engage with different products? The end goal being that we can track fallout or pathing between the two suites.




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Hi @kristae87716271, Analysis workspace allows you to create Dashboard for multiple reports suites, however you can only create reports for respective report suite.

You may want to consider Multi-suite tagging approach for this scenario: Report suite approaches 

I hope this helps!


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1. Use a rollup report suite to push all the data into the single report suite and keep existing(Note: it will cost more)

2. Preferred use single report suite for all data and use virtual report suite for breakdown each site