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Can you increase row limit returned in Reporting API Call?


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Currently it is set to 50K but is it possible to change that to a larger limit?  

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I don't know if you can increase the row limit beyond 50K, but I think you can use pagination to make an secondary call for the next 50K rows?


"settings": {
        "countRepeatInstances": true,
        "includeAnnotations": true,
        "limit": 10,
        "page": 0,
        "nonesBehavior": "exclude-nones"


There is a settings area that allows you to set limit and page... so if you might be able to set a higher limit, but if not, you can set a 50K limit, then call additional pages of data?


I haven't used this myself, so it might need some testing.... 


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The number of rows returned in a single API call is determined by the API itself. The ability to increase the row limit may depend on your Adobe Analytics subscription and permissions.

Agreeing with @Jennifer_Dungan , if your API supports pagination then you might be able to increase additional rows by making multiple requests and specifying a page number or offset.