Calculation of Single access rate and Bounce rate along with their difference



Hi –

Can someone please let me know how to get Single Access Rate and Bounce rate in %.

Presently, I’m using the below formula:

Single Access Rate = Single Page Visits / Visits * 100

And Bounce rate = Total Number of bounces/ Total number of entries*100

Also, what is the major difference between Single Access Rate and Bounce rate?.

Thanks in advance.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Suhail, 

Single Access is not equal to Single Page Visits

While Single Access can have multiple page views, Single Page Visits cannot. 


  • Bounces: Can have only a single server call. Doesn't matter if it is a page view or a no-page view call.
  • Single Access: It can have any number of server calls, as long as the variables have a unique value. Example if evar1 has XYZ in the visit, it should be the only value. Similarly for any variable.
  • Single Page Visits: Can have any number of non-page view calls. However, there should be only one page-view

For more details, read the doc:


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