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BDIA - user agent


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We are doing an implementation for Bulk Data Insertion API to upload offline data.

One of the required field in the file upload is user agent. Since this is offline data we don’t have user agent. What the value should be in this case ?
Can we send one generic user agent or we need to generate a random one to avoid being recognized as bot traffic ?

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@norbertb5623275 As you can see in the below documentation https://www.adobe.io/apis/experiencecloud/analytics/docs.html#!AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis/master/b...

You can use atleast one of below , if you are using useragent as the one of them , then ensure that it is unique so that the multiple visitors won't be identified as one visitor. they might not be identified as bot , but there is a possibility that multiple unique visitors can be identified as one unique visitor, because visitor identification will be done based on useragent 



Hi Vani,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes but it doesn't seems to be like that in reality.
We have pageName, timestamp, reportSuiteID but userAgent is still required according to the response from the API call.



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@norbertb5623275 Are you getting any error while trying to send the API request ?

If yes, can you please share the error code ? or you can reach out to client care for further in depth investigation on this 

Yes we are getting the following:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Call failed. Response 400 {"error":"No user-agent found in the file header.

Processing complete: 0 rows will be submitted.  1 rows were invalid.

No valid rows were found in the file."}


I have a ticket running simultaneously.