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julienc30593385 05-12-2019


We are currently facing an issue with our visitor recognition so I hope you'll be able to help.

On our website we have an Open environment and a Closed (connected).

When a new visitor arrive on the Open environment, a request to the is sent, a cookie with a MCID is set and then when the request to Analytics is sent it will have this parameter:

mid: 76516731327854063534395696080000000000

Then all subsequent request to Analytics will have this ID.

Then when the visitor connect on the Closed environment, we still have this ID but we set also the visitorID like this s.visitorID = _satellite.getVar("customID"); and there the request to Analytics will have two IDs:

vid: 0702800000

mid: 76516731327854063534395696080000000000

So everything seems to be fine to me as we always have the same MID and when he connect he will sent a custom VID.

But in Adobe Analytics, each time a visitor connect, it count a new visit and also a new Unique Visitor.

Is it normal or do I miss something ?

Thanks in advance,

Julien Chevalier

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KDSingh14 09-12-2019

Hi Julien,

It seems something else is alos happening. I will suggest you to please pull the data feed and check what exactly is happening and why it visit number 28 with that page name.


Karandeep Singh

julienc30593385 09-12-2019


Thanks a lot for your input.

I already checked the MID and it have the same value in all requests.

I tried to create a report to check it and it seems really related to the two environments that we have.


At 10:04am --> I go on page (MID = 76516731327854063534395696080000000000)

At 10:05am --> I arrive on page (MID = 76516731327854063534395696080000000000 and VID = 7846847145)

At 10:06am --> I logout and arrive on (MID = 76516731327854063534395696080000000000)

In the report, all the page from the under one single visit/unique visitor (in screenshot it is the Visit Number 19), and all the page on the on another visit/unique visitor (in screenshot it is the Visit Number 28), even if the MID is the same.

Is there a configuration regarding the subdomain to do ?

visit issue.png

Kind regards,

Julien Chevalier

KDSingh14 08-12-2019

Hi Julien,

If MID is same and user came back in less than 30 min, it will be consider as one visit. However, if the user came back after 30 min or not meeting any of the visits conditions then it will be consider as different visit.

Whereas Unique visitor for that period would be 1 only, hope this helps.


karandeep Singh