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Adobe plug-in: ppvHighestPercentViewed - not showing when percentage is greater than 100


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I am using ppvHighestPercentViewed plug in in my page. I want to set this to maximum of 100%. But when I am expanding a content e.g. hamburger icon, accordion, ppvHighestPercentViewed is not showing. 


I am thinking (correct me if I'm wrong), that if the percentage is greater than 100%, the prop is not showing. Can I do that if the percentage is greater than 100, if I have a code that it will return to 100 and show 100? 


Thank you in advance.


if (s._ppvHighestPercentViewed > 100) {
   s._ppvHighestPercentViewed = 100)

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You can try that... but I wonder if the plugin itself has some sort of control to try and get rid of unexpected data?


Unfortunately, Adobe's plugin code is rarely readable by humans.... so I am not sure off-hand if this is the case....



If you are on a dev environment, you could try adding a custom code block before your adobe stuff that does the following:


console.log("!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Test Highest % Viewed !!!!!!!!!!!");
// add in any of the other plugin calls that you may want to test



This should print into your console some information about the values right before your tracking fires... see if you can spot anything strange there....