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Adobe API Service, Source & Destination


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We're looking at using our Adobe Analytics data piped directly into Tableau, using Cognetik's data connector;

(Tableau Now Loves Cloud Data | Cognetik Cloud Connector).

Which appears to work perfectly up to the point of bringing this in as a data source (connects to report suite, even returns the query into the preview pane), however when it comes to importing this we receive an error that indicates this has been blocked by our firewall.

I've spoken to Cognetik who said this won't be their connection information, but rather Adobe, where the API will be sourced from.

In order to whitelist this connection, our team need the following information;

service: Should be something like TCP-447 or UDP-425 etc.

source: would usually be an ip address so or a domain name so cognetik.services.com etc (edited)

destination: same as for source just a different address

Where would I go about finding this info so I can provide it to the team?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Chris,

Everything Adobe has is located here: IP addresses used in the Adobe Analytics Cloud


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Hi there,


Not sure if this is still relevant but the Cognetik could connector is no longer available.

The company I work for - Daexus - however actually released a free and ultra secure connector in Tableau, which supports automated refreshes.

I'm happy to answer your questions or you could just visit our website to get the connector link and access it in Tableau. Would love if you could all give it a try and send us your feedback!