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Adobe analytics with Salesforce


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I want to integrate Adobe Analytics in Salesforce Health Cloud. Is this is feasible ? Also we are building mobile app using Salesforce will Adobe Analytics capture those insights too ?


Please suggest

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I don't use Salesforce, but there should be a way to integrate...


A quick Google search brought up a paid integration app (promoted on Saleforce App Exchange, where they likely get some of the revenue)... I wouldn't necessarily suggest that..  you are paying for Saleforce and you are paying for Adobe Analytics... you shouldn't have to pay to integrate them.....


That said, if someone has figured it out... you should be able to as well... you might need to work with your developers to come up with a plan of action... 


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Hi @Rubiga - we have created a solution to send Adobe Analytics data into a Salesforce custom object (related to the lead/contact). As long as Adobe is implemented in your mobile app then yes we can capture those activities as well.


Datajoin is an Adobe partner with implementations taking as a little as 1 day.


I do agree with @Jennifer_Dungan that systems should be able to talk to each other, however, connecting your CRM with web analytics is one of the toughest integrations around due to matching Adobe ECIDs to Salesforce lead IDs. Our technology overcomes this and at a small fraction of the cost it will take your IT team to attempt something in-house.


If you want to know more and even if you don't buy, feel free to DM me and I'll do my best to answer any questions you have. 


Thank you and see some screenshots below:

Raw data in custom object -- matched back to lead/contact



Adding our Generative AI lead scoring onto Lead List View



Adding our "WebSights" onto Lead Page