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Adobe Analytics will support Apple TV


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We are building AppleTv app, trying to integrate Adobe Analytics for AppleTV, but its not available.


Can you please help me on this, wether you are supporting Analytics for AppleTv

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To integrate Adobe Analytics into your Apple TV app, follow these general steps:

  1. Install the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK in your project: Adobe provides an SDK for iOS, which can be used for Apple TV apps as well since both platforms share the same underlying framework. You can use CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager to add the SDK to your project. Follow the official Adobe documentation for setting up the SDK: https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/getting-started/get-the-sdk

  2. Configure Adobe Analytics: After integrating the SDK, configure Adobe Analytics according to your needs. This typically involves setting up your tracking server, report suites, and other configurations. The official documentation provides detailed guidance on these configurations: https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/using-mobile-extensions/adobe-analytics

  3. Implement tracking: With the SDK and configurations in place, you can now implement tracking for various user interactions and events in your Apple TV app. This may include tracking page views, video plays, user clicks, etc. You can use the trackAction and trackState methods provided by the SDK to send data to Adobe Analytics.

  4. Test and validate your implementation: Once you have implemented tracking, test your Apple TV app to ensure that the data is being sent correctly to Adobe Analytics. You can use tools like Charles Proxy or the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger to validate your implementation.

Please note that while the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK is primarily designed for iOS and Android apps, it should work for Apple TV apps as well since they share the same underlying frameworks. However, some features might not be directly applicable to Apple TV apps, and you may need to adapt your implementation accordingly.