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Adobe Analytics integration with AEM Forms


Level 10

Can anyone advise how to overcome the following challenges with the AEM Forms integration with Adobe Analytics?


The setup is as follows:

  • AEM
  • AA is implemented on the website via Adobe Launch with Experience Cloud ID
  • AEM is integrated with AA via Legacy Cloud Services
    • AA framework is configured as per the official documentation guidance


The challenges:

1. AEM loads AppMeasurement together with VisitorAPI regardless of what checkboxes are ticketed in the AA configuration dialog in AEM

1.1. AppMeasurement and VisitorAPI libraries served by AEM are severely outdated (may have bugs)

2. Because of the (1), when the AEM page loads, the AEM Forms gets embedded in an iframe and sends its own Page View call in addition to the one sent by the implementation in Launch.

2.1. Page Views get inflated

2.2. Experience Cloud ID configuration is missing that results in Visitor ID mismatch between Launch and AEM served libraries (the AEM Forms related server calls have a different ECID/mid value)

3. The custom JS code set in the AEM AA Framework does not get published (is "ignored")

4. AEM Forms Analytics sets the pageName the way it can't be customised. As a result the pageName sent to AA does not match the naming convention implemented for AA


Please share your experience, what can be customised and where, what could be the causing factors of the issues listed above?


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