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Adobe Analytics Integration into Microsoft PowerPoint


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I'm looking to see if it is possible to add live links to Adobe analytics reports in PowerPoint. I've seen a thread with a screenshot of potentially a demo and hoping it is something that is possible! Currently screenshotting Adobe reports into PowerPoint for weekly trade meetings and the data is not readable.


Many thanks!

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Adobe is offering PowerPoint Export prototype in Labs. You can find more about this in below link.


Right now this export is not available for Flow and Fallout visualizations.


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I don't believe these are "live" though... at the data is static based on the time of export.


In Summit 2019, one of the sneaks was a real live embed demo, but I don't know what happened to that project.. not all sneaks make it to production (likely because they run into tech challenges and it gets shelved).


As you can see in the thread posted above, I have my own "semi-live" solution, where I use Report Builder, then live-link graphs and data from Excel into PowerPoint, so to get new data in PP, all I have to do is close PP, open excel, refresh my Report Builder data and save... next time I open PP, it will ask me if I want to refresh the links and I say yes.

This keeps all my formatting and elements perfectly aligned without having to rebuild the PP.