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I haven´t been able to use my Adobe analytics app for a while and when I saw it hadn´t been updated for a while I deleted it and tried to download it again from the app store but it is nowhere to be found not even in my libary in the phone of old apps anymore?! Does anyone no what has happened . I live in Sweden so I am connected to the Swedish app store

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Elisabeth,

The mobile app was pulled from the app store for the time being due to a variety of reasons, mainly:

  • Low adoption and low usage
  • Some aspects of the app became outdated and no longer worked

In talking with product management about this, a new mobile experience prototype is being started, but no timelines have been announced yet. In the meantime, there are a couple of alternatives I can suggest:

  • Analysis Workspace PDF's are definitely mobile-friendly
  • Our engineering services team have created custom mobile reporting apps for customers in the past
  • has a built-in connector to Adobe Analytics

I personally would follow the Analysis Workspace route, and have reports emailed to you on a regular basis. It won't let you pull additional reports outside what you've scheduled, but if you need that data regularly and can schedule it in analysis workspace ahead of time, it works great.