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Adobe Analytics API 1.4 vs API 2.0


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Hi, We started using Adobe Analytics API 1.4 for a new project to get some dimensions and metrics for one of our marketing website.

in API 1.4, we could make a payload request with multiple dimensions, where as in API 2.0, we can make the request for one dimension at a time, which makes the extraction difficult, and our automation has to loop through several items by passing the associated Item ID, and combine the data sets at the end.

Where as using API 1.4, is straight forward and simpler. Is there a plan for deprecate AP 1.4 anytime soon, or is it safe to use 1.4 for our development?  


Thanks in advance for your response.

Madhava Potluri




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To be 100% honest, I believe this is the number 1 reason that API 1.4 still exists!


I agree with you, while the queue in 1.4 could be a pain (especially when it got stuck), it's still a lot easier to use for complex reports.


While I don't have behind the scenes access to Adobe's decisions, I suspect that 1.4 will likely be around for a while... For what it's worth, I haven't seen any sort of indication of a pending sunset, and I have recommended the use of 1.4 to other people (with the caveat of "this may go away, but no signs yet") where it makes sense to use 1.4 over 2.0....


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Hi @madhav25 


fully agree with @Jennifer_Dungan . The 2.0 APIs show some differences and lack features, some other APIs like Data Sources aren't even available yet in 2.0.

Of course it is not ideal to build upon a seemingly old version, but in this case I would assume it's ok to keep using it until Adobe has reached feature parity.