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Adobe Add-On for Excel


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When using the Excel report builder, what's the best way to adjust the dates on a row-by-row basis? 


Example: If a site change was made on July 7th, I run one report to get the historical data prior to the change and a second report to get the data from the date of the change to today. But I can only figure out how to set fixed dates, so all the changes on a specific date.


My goal is to have columns with varying dates and as the report builder iterates over my dataset, have different changes with corresponding dates on each row.


Any thoughts?

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I actually like to create a "dates" tab in my excel document, I can set up my ranges by using Date Formulas, or allow people to write in the dates they want:



(you can see in this example, I use Excel formulas to pull out my dates based on "today", so that each month, the report will pull last month, and the equivalent month last year - but you could easy use locked in date values - particularly when you have a fixed date for a change... you could even do hard-code "change date" and then use excel formulas to go X days before and X days forward from your locked date.)




In Report Builder, you can use "Select Dates from Cells" and then choose the tab and cells that contain your dates:





By using cell references, you don't have to always update your rules manually... you can set up whatever ranges you need and make sure the report points to those cell references. Moving forward, unless you are making suite or segment changes, all you need to do is modify the dates on your tab, and then run the report.