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Adding URI to the report as a dimension


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Hope you're doing great! I was wondering if you could provide me with instructions on how to track our conversion with adobe analytics.


We are currently running a game via https://www.equalsthegame.com/ and want to track how many visits/unique users there are relating to these pages. Basically we want to track the conversion from that page to 







That way we can track how many opted in to spotify. However I would like to do this by adding URI as a dimension to the report, but that dimension is not available. Could you provide me with instructions how to add URI to the report as a component when it's not in the list, and if so, are you aware of any other methods to tracks this conversion? If yes, I'd love to hear about it! 


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Hi Rens, 


You may be able to create a report showing this flow without any further implementation steps using the flow report as documented here: 


How to configure:

The Page dimension in workspace will be set to the url by default if a page is not specifically defined on the analytics data collection hit. This means that even if the url is not captured on page, there should be a value representing the page you are after. 

If you want to capture the page url on another dimension I'd suggest using a processing rule and writing to the prop or dimension value. The note below is a reminder to not write to the pageurl value using a processing rule as this could affect how your data is recognized as a page view vs link call. Instead you could write the pageurl value to a different dimension. 


s.pageURL or the current page URL if s.pageURL is not specified.

Note: Link tracking calls strip the pageURL variable before they reach processing rules. If you re-insert a page URL value using processing rules, the hit is considered a page view instead of a link tracking call. Adobe recommends checking to make sure that page URL is already set before you modify it.


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I would actually make use of Adobe Analytics properly. And by that, I mean to make use of success events. These are basically counters for conversions. So that meets your requirements perfectly, i.e. you want to count the conversions to Spotify.

You will need to implement this in your AA measurement code: When the user performs the desired action, whether on click of a CTA or load of that equalsthegame.com page, include the success event in your Adobe Analytics beacon. You can then use that success event as the conversion metric in your reports.