Abandonment Triggers data met condition but data is different in adobe analytics



Hey guys,

I am facing an issue with adobe experience cloud triggers, I created a condition for trigger abandonment, and the condition is being met on the activation side, but in some cases the condition should not be met based on the adobe analytics result, in the last site id 420925 the variable payment flow step is coming correct and the events are coming empty, but in adobe analytics the data is different, the event occurred and the payment flow step variable has also a value of confirmation.

Down below is my conditions and some results


And down below is my evidence on how the data is on adobe analytics

results in adobe analytics evidence.png

If you guys have already faced something like that please let me know how did you guys solve that, and if you guys have any suggestion also.

Thanks already.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




First I would validate trigger fire condition (20 min no action), that means date/time of purchase vs data/time of trigger. I would also check if payment flow step evar is firing correctly and being used as real time.

You may consider using other conditions such as exit site or any custom reliable event to test and validate it get triggered correctly etc.



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