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Workspace - rolling dates / date range compare



There is an important option missing in the date rage panel.

We can select the current period but not the selected period of the workspace. So it's not possible to create dynamic comparison to the current time range users set in the workspace.

In other words we absolutely need these options:

- current day

- current week

- current month

- current quarter

- current year

- current date range






Thanks for the feedback - I like this idea.  Would you expect "current date range" to always (and only) represent the panel date range?  Or would you expect it to take into consideration other date objects, for example from other custom date ranges or dimension items in a table where this rolling date range was being used?



Yes, always and only the panel date range. It's simple but so incredibly useful for us. It allows to have a unique comparison column depending on the current date range. Today we have to create so many duplicated tables for each type of comparison we need, and that makes our report so heavy and unreadable.

Believe me, it's a cool option for us.

By the way, have a look at this idea:


For analytics team is fine to set the date range from the list of pre-existing options. But for other users it's impossible to dig into that technical overlay. Why dont you allow to add buttons and so quickly jump from a selected date range to other?




Great - thanks for the clarification.  Completely agree that this would be valuable, and we've discussed how to solve this problem in a scalable way various times, and have it on the backlog.  We have discussed the idea of creating an "anchor date" which a given reporting request would respect (right now it's always "today"), which would also solve this problem in a similar way.  One issue with letting rolling date ranges include panel date ranges is that rolling date ranges can work outside of the context of a panel (ie, in a segment).  Regardless, we are definitely on it and understand the importance of this and will continue to iterate on how to best solve this problem, so we can provide you with the appropriate value as soon as we can.

On the second idea - agree on this as well.  Have you tried setting up dropdown filters on your panel with date ranges in them?  That might be a good way to solve the problem, and gets you close to what you want.  We are considering allowing a date-based dropdown filter to replace the calendar altogether, and would provide a similar experience to what you are proposing.

Thanks for the discussion!




Great. Looking forward to use it!


You are right, thanks!


For many reasons the content of a panel is working on a certain time frame only. So it's important not to allow end-users to change the time range of a report. What do you thing about this:





Sorry for the delay in response.  Good callout on the idea of locking down the date range.  Currently the only option we currently support for this would be sharing a PDF.  The good news is we are actively working on another sharing option that is more locked down than current sharing, but more dynamic than PDF.  This is good feedback to consider there.  Thanks!


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Was there ever a release to support comparisons based on 'current date selection'? I cant find a way to do it and it would be endlessly helpful.





Adding my +1 for this. Especially if custom date ranges could work off from an 'anchor' date so report users could easily look at time period comparisons like week over week and year over year for past dates. Thanks!