[WORKSPACE] Possibility to edit the CSS Style




Ok, you added the color palette... but we dont use it, coz they are pre-set of colors where we dont understand how they are referring to workspace elements....

So, I raise again my idea.

For every element of workspace an IDs (class name) should be available and and we want to add/edit CSS code for customization of his style.

At the top of workspace you should also make available all the CSS code we set into the workspace, as a general and global recap.

Advanced workspace are made by technical analyst only, so I think it's not a problem if we manage this need with pure CSS code.

Can you imagine? then we can set size of box, background, ...

Important. I'm not referring to general element only, but also to the cells in the freeform table. We strongly need to give a different color to each column, in order to make report more understandable!!