Workspace: Make Fallout visualization respect hit level panel segments




Adobe have changed the way fallout reports in Analysis Workspace apply panel level segments verse previous tools such as Ad Hoc Analysis (As described in this Fallout help article)

Hit level segments applied at a panel level are not applied at a hit level to each touchpoint in the fallout visualization.  Instead the fallout ignores the instruction and applies the segment at a visit level instead.  It means you get some weird effects where data that you would not expect bleeds into the fallout.

We had not realized this change had taken place so have been reporting incorrect figures and imagine other Adobe customers might be in a similar situation without being aware.

I don't understand why Adobe have done this.  If a user explicitly chooses to apply a hit level segment it makes sense to me that it should be applied at the hit level (if I wanted a visit level segment I would have selected this); To do otherwise is very confusing.

Please can you consider changing the methodology to match previous tools?  (or explain the thinking behind the change)

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Our biggest problem with this is the following scenario where we have an application process that users can apply for several products through.

We wanted to have a fallout report for the different steps with a panel level segment drop down filter for the different products.  However, if a user applies for more than one product in a visit data from one products shows in the fallout for the other which is a real pain

This feels like a very common use case that can't be properly accommodated.