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Workspace: Give admins better options to manage different tags


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In workspace you can tag even props, eVars and events etc. Right-click the dimension in Workspace navigation/search and you have the option to add tags. I tested this, and other users can also see my tags. So I could make e.g. 10 kpi metrics with #kpi tag and this way product owners will easily find all the metrics that matter. Love it!!!


Of course it would be better if admins could add/modify/delete all tags directly from admin section where e.g. eVar variables are listed nicely on the same page. Now it is bit time-consuming if I want to tag 30 different eVars for example directly in Workspace -> have to do 30 searches before tagging, well maybe not 30, but a lot compared to managing these in admin section. and of course as admin I need to sometimes modify what other users have tagged.


And maybe even better would be to have 1 "tags" page where we could see all tags, starting from segments and calculated metrics etc, and it would be then even easier to manage tags.


Any other comments or ideas for this one?