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Workspace : Freeform Table Column Resizing


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Resizing Freeform Table columns is something I seem to spend a lot of time doing, especially when the dimension on the left has long values or if there are a lot of metrics in the table and I can't see any of the text in the dimensional value. I end up having to adjust every column, one at a time, in order to make room to see the values in the dimension.

It'd be great to make the column width adjustment more Excel-like:

- Double-click a column and it automatically stretches that column to auto-fit. With Workspace we don't have the unlimited width to stretch things out, but it'd be great to have the ability to auto-stretch it somehow.

- When stretching out the dimension column to the right, the only other column that currently moves is the first metric (ie - second column). Would be great if all other columns shrank slightly while stretching out the dimension column.

Would be a huge time-saver!