Workspace - Downloading more than 400 rows

srujanam558322 05-11-2018


Currently we are able to download only a maximum of 400 rows at a time, although we can see additional records when we are logged in. It will be helpful if Adobe can add a feature so users are able to download more rows. Especially now that Adobe AdHoc being sunset, users are having a challenge with the limitation of the number of rows that can be downloaded from Freeform tables in the Workspace projects.


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You'll be glad to see the "Coming Soon" section of this:


Thanks for your feedback! We have an existing thread discussing this topic here:

Allow for more than 400 rows of data in Analytics Workspace

srujanam558322 05-11-2018

That’s great to hear and our team will be very happy to see this. Any idea when this will be available? Thanks!

GabrielChiararia 29-04-2020

Hey Eric, we met at the Adobe Analytics Challenge in 2016. I was representing BYU and got 3rd place. I remember you were pumped about the new Metallica album at that time.
Guess what? I'm currently using Adobe Analytics in my current role and need to download more than 400 rows of data urgently. Any idea how to do that?


Hi @GabrielChiararia  Gabriel - I absolutely remember you. I'm glad to see you've landed somewhere that you get to apply your experience from the Analytics Challenge! That's better news than the Metallica album - it was just okay 🙂


Regarding downloading >400 rows of data:

- We have it on our roadmap to bring this functionality to Analysis Workspace (more details here:

- In the meantime, you can extract >400 rows of data using the legacy Ad Hoc Analysis (formerly called Discover) tool, or by using Report Builder (our Excel plugin), Data Warehouse (which exports to CSV), or Data Feeds (which are significantly more granular than Workspace)  products. 


Hope that helps! Good luck with the analysis!