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Workspace: Comparison column with difference of numbers


Level 8


You can do comparisons with Workspace. Just a minor detail, now comparison difference is with percentages, could have the option to change percentages to numbers? Or is this already possible in some way?

Actually, just noticed you can edit "percent change" metric and maybe you can modify that metric and edit to use numbers? Anyway, I guess better to give us "out of the box" option to just click between percentages or numbers? Any comments?



Employee Advisor


Thanks for the feedback, Antti! You are correct in that the easiest way to show the number change (instead of percent) today is to edit the "percent change" metric and remove the denominator. 


If we were to add a number vs percent option in, what would you want the workflow to look like? Add a percent vs number decision point after choosing "compare time periods"?