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Workspace: breakdown by position should be turned on as default


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Nowadays, we can breakdown by position and this is great. However, I just can’t understand why this setting is turned off by default? Aren’t we always try to breakdown by position = give me TOP something. If there are special cases, we can always manually choose to filter SEO traffic if for some reason we want to always breakdown by SEO in last touch channels, or we could manually filter certain products if we want to week by week just to follow certain products. To me these are special situations and manual work would be just fine, but for my common sense it doesn’t make any sense that breakdowns aren’t ordered by position as default.


I’ll give one example with screenshots.
(Edit: Seems I can add only one screenshot, so I added combination of 5 and 6)


1) Added entries as metric and week as dimension. Time range is last 2 full weeks. Breakdown by position disabled by default.

2) Added last touch channel as breakdown for weeks. Breakdown by position still disabled by default.

3) Ok, I’ll check breakdown by position. I tested this separately and noticed you need to check this option if you want to see last touch

channels as breakdowns for new weeks when time moves on. This is alone good reason why this option should be enabled by default. Hard to understand why you wouldn’t want those breakdowns to continue. Smiley Happy

4) Just to double-check, every dimension has its own ”breakdown by position” option, so these aren’t enabled for last touch channels, I just enabled these for week dimension.

5) Week just moved on to another Monday morning and we have new week starting from 27th of February. There is a breakdown for last touch channel, I guess this due the fact I enabled breakdown by position for the week dimension. However, now it shows Natural Search as number 1 and that is not true, I mean that is not my best traffic sources for that week.

6) Just to double-check I modified the filtering options and now I can see that direct traffic is the best traffic sources for that week.


I could have done my analysis totally wrong if I didn’t realize to put that setting on for every single dimension = Time-consuming.


Not sure did I do everything correctly, I tried… but please comment If I did or understood something wrong. If I’m correct, then I just can’t understand why Adobe (or any other user) would want this to work like this? You should always want to see your TOP breakdowns, and if there are moments you want to see something else then you can do manual filtering or something.


Ps. Again, we would like the option (as admins at least) to choose our own default settings, and there is idea request for that one too. But even if we could do that, I still would want this breakdown by position feature to be by position as default.