[WORKSPACE] avoid "Show Anomalies" as default setting

JarnoRossiCom 21-11-2017

Hi, everytime we set a new chart or freeform table we always have "show anomalie" enabled. We would like not to have it alway ON as default. Since it make charts heavier and we always spend time for disabling it. Can you make "show anomalies" disabled as default? Or can you make this defualt choise available in somewhere


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florianag 22-11-2017

Have you tried asking this through the customer care service? I honestly think very few people actually look at that... Maybe they can add an option to disable it from the AA account personal settings.

JarnoRossiCom 22-11-2017

for "a few people actually look at that" you mean they dont use this feature or they dont care about the slowdown of performance or additional detail we have in charts?

florianag 22-11-2017

I mean, they don't use this feature; not sure whether they care or not, that's another discussion that I suppose can be verified by the replies to this thread