Virtual Report Suite - "do not show me this alert anymore" tick box needed



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People using Virtual Report Suite Report suite get the "Component may not appear" alert every time they try to save a new segment / metric / date range which is not centrally added to VRS by the team supporting the implementation.


Acceptance criteria:

In many other alerts Adobe displays "do not show me this alert anymore", therefore we would appreciate the tick box under the given alert which will allow to not show the alert again.

Many thanks for your support on that,

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Hi Jakub, thanks for the suggestion! Can you explain your use case a little more deeply? Do you have users that frequently create segments/calc metrics that they aren't able to include in a VRS?



For us, we use VRS component customization purely for renaming components, and not for excluding/including specific components. So it would be nice to have a checkbox that auto-includes everything in the VRS.



Additionally, it would be nice to add a toggle in the VRS settings that would give the option of "auto including new components created in the parent RS" or "auto excluding new components created in the parent RS".

I would select "auto exclude" If I'm using this VRS to serve only a select few components to a specific set of users, but I would use "auto include" if I only wanted to exclude a few specific components, but I want all new components to be included in the VRS by default.



Hi @admoseremic,

yes that is the case - we have many users that are frequently creating segments on their own and every time they create one - they have to go through the "Component may not appear" window. It would be better if they would be acknowledged once during 1st creation and then just live with the fact that their private segments won`t be available for other users.

Let me know if this is more clear now,





It would be great if the user can also access Activity Map if they only has access to VRS.
In our company we try to use VRS as the clean way to look at data.
So they have less confusing eVar & Prop, each group has access to the VRS custom to their needs.

but getting access to only custom VRS doesn't allow you to get Activity Map.

Also, for basic users, it would be good to have the possibility to unshared project that have not been creating by them. (or hide them)