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UX - Option to hide the % columns on tables for reports added to dashboards


Level 3


Currently when SiteCatalyst 15 is displaying a report on a dashboard, the most of the visual weight in the data table is taken up by the percentage columns.

The value of a dashboard is that it allows the business user to focus immediately on what is important, and to take it a large amount of information at once. By adding visually heavy percentage columns to every row metrics, the sitecatalyst dashboards make it difficult to scan along the rows and compare metrics.

Can we please have the option to turn those percentage columns off?

I've attached a sceenshot showing the percentage columns I'm referring to.



Level 4


Fully agreed. It's been documented elsewhere here, but there are many situations in which the percentage is actually meaningless in the message the report is trying to convey, and only serves to confuse. Frankly, it's something that should have been fixed a couple years ago.