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User Audit Automation


Level 2


As an Adobe SiteCatalyst customer, we are maintaining a certain number of user logins for our internal customers. In order to optimize the limited number of user logins available to us, we conduct a monthly user audit of SiteCatalyst users. We have a set of criteria according to which we task this audit exercise, and revoke/retain users accordingly. We put down a considerable amount of efforts every month sorting the list of users falling under the deletion criteria, sending out communication to them, following up with them and then revoking/retaining user logins as per the responses. It would be a lot easier for us in terms of efforts/time if we could automate this.


One idea we have is to have a logic built into SiteCatalyst login which will recognize a user who hasn't logged in for a certain duration and he will be prompted to submit a new request in the appropriate database to get a new access. For example, if we consider users not logged in for the past 1 month as the deletion criteria, then whenever such a user tries to log into SiteCatalyst, he will be displayed a message saying that his/her user login is no longer active and he/she would need to submit a request for a new user login. This way, our team will not have to manually pull out the list from SiteCatalyst, filter for people who fall under the deletion criteria and carry out the audit exercise.


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