User Agent as an out of the box value in SiteCatalyst, Discover, Insight



The User-agent string should be an out-of-the-box variable for both Traffic and Conversion (Commerce) use in SiteCatalyst \ DW, Discover or Insight (and be correlate-able or subrelate-able out-of-the-box as well).


Separate from enabling faster deep tracking across platforms, the user-agent string is valuable for those of us who perioidically have to diagnose issues related to site monitoring tools to keep our data accurate. Having the user-agent out-of-the-box (vs. as a custom tag or a VISTA rule) would help us stay more agile when analyzing traffic from new platforms, and also enable us to combat false traffic spikes.


Thanks, CJ

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Could there be unique value issues with this? Seems like user-agent string can have a TON of variations. But even if those values were optimized like the Traffic Sources reports (top 20,000 user agent strings per day are retained in SiteCatalyst/Discover), it would be helpful to us.



This would help me assess Bots before I enable that in the SiteCat interface, since I could see the Bot user-agents in this report.


I shouldn't have to open a ClientCare ticket to get a data feed to see Bots before I decide to enable Bots filtering in SiteCat on a report suite.