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Unpublishing Launch Rules


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It would be great to have the unpublish option for the published libraries in Prod environment through Adobe Launch. We have option till staging level to reject and edit the library, However once this is published to Prod we don't have any option to reject or edit the same to modify the rules or publishing latest version in the same library. We need to create additional library with latest version or edited rules to over write the published rules, which unnecessarily creating huge clutter in launch.



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I don't really understand this ask...


"Libraries" are the equivalent of "Branches" in any source control system... you don't modify a branch that has been deployed to production... you create a new branch, just like in Launch you create a new Library...This way you have proper traceability of every set of code that is deployed to your site (what was included and on what dates).


Creating a new library/build, allows you to test if there is any incompatibility between the one changed rule or element and everything else... while this may seem overkill for a simple change like fixing a spelling mistake, or making a minor change... but to allow what you are suggesting will cause far more issues with code control. 


What you are suggesting goes against proper software deployment process... I can't imagine you will get much traction on this request (but that is just my 2 cents).


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@Madhu-Grace, Why don't you try to disable the rule in production environment and do the changes you want in development environment and push it back to production.