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Trend more than 5 Key Metrics in SiteCatalyst 15


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With the launch of SiteCatalyst 15, we now have the abiltiy to trend up to 5 key metrics at one time. I think that it is awesome that we can trend up to 5 key metrics at one time, which is more than we have in SC 14. But I like the ability to trend more than 5 (somewhere around 7-10). While the graph may seem a little messy, the problem that I am running into is that our customers cross-shop between different segments a lot and I have specific metrics for the different segments that I would like to put next to each other to see how they might impact each other and I usually look at more than 5 key metrics. While I can do this in excel client/report builder, i would like to be able to put this in a dashboard in SiteCatalyst.



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Key metrics report is the base report which can used to build a custom report- the 5 metric limits having a comprehensive custom report from being built.




Terence - this is a great idea. I'm going to merge it with this idea: 


http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Adobe-Idea-Exchange-for-Omniture/Trend-more-than-5-Key-Metric s-in-SiteCatalyst-15/idi-p/5003


since they seem like the same thing. That will allow us to track it better. Thanks for submitting it!