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Trend More Than 1 Metric in Trend Reports/Graphs


Level 10


Currently, you can only trend one metric in trended reports/graphs.  I wonder if there is a way to allow for trending multiple metrics in trend reports?



Level 1


What is the status on both of these ideas?? Using the Key Metrics report is cool to trend overall metrics, but if I want to trend two metrics of a value in one of my custom reports I still can't ...


Similarly, I can't compare dates in a trended report of my custom variables. It's frustrating to have to dump data into Excel and manually build a graph to do either of these two simple tasks. It should be easy enough to do within SC, no?




@Jeampz I think we can safely call the second part of this idea (two metrics, one value) as "Under Review" at this time. We have got something planned that I believe will address this in the future, although perhaps not in the way you might think. 


There have been a few architectural and UX hurdles in the past, but we're definitely making progress.