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Tracking New vs Repeat visitors without using cookies


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In one of my implementations, business did not want to use cookies.


I implemented by explicitly populating s.visitorID on every page with custom unique visitor IDs.

Also, fed the custom unique visitor ID to an eVar.


Now when I see the eVar report with visits metric, I get the values correctly.

I am sure these visit values are not from cookies (since I have cookies disabled in browser).


Can't these values be used to classify the users as 'New' or 'Repeat'?

Can't we have a new vs repeat visitors report without using cookies?





I think the feature request here is "Add a New vs. Repeat Visitors report to Adobe Analytics." You absolutely can reproduce this report without using cookies, but it would require you to manage the state of the visitor (new or repeat) on your side, in the same way that you manage the visitor ID without using cookies. This is the case because Adobe Analytics doesn't have an out-of-the-box "New vs. Repeat" report, which would use its own logic to figure out whether a visitor is new or returning after data collection.


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I agree with what Ben said, have it something that Adobe Analytics does by default, therefore removing the need to do it with the code.  It could even be done better where it will count it the same across all devices where the visitorID variable is implemented.