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Many times I find that I'm looking to make many adjustments to my workspace (drag in this, move this over there, breakdown by this, etc.), but with workspace always retrieving new data for every new element I add, it really slows down my work. It would be great if we'd be able to have a toggle switch at the workspace (and even table level) that allowed us to turn on/off calculations.


Then, upon save, we could opt to turn calculations back on (as well as whenever we'd like to during our work).


I envision this being somewhat similar to the Excel feature that allows you to make calculations automatically update or manually update.

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@AnthonyBBY, this will be addressed with the release of Freeform Table Builder that is planned to this month.



@Andrey_Osadchuk, just tried the new Freeform Table Builder. Nice functionality, but I feel it doesn't go far enough.

1. It does not retroactively apply to tables already created.

2. It does not account for any changes you have made to the table after you exit the Table Builder view.

3. It does not allow for tables to stop loading upon open of a workspace. This would be helpful as sometimes our workspace can be big and we just want to get to one particular table to make a change. However, with all the tables loading their content, the project can get quite sluggish until we finally get around to collapsing all the panels and tables. I would more prefer a global "on/off" button for the project (and possibly at the table level) so we can get back into projects we're working on without having to deal with other tables trying to pull the latest data.

Have these scenarios been discussed and, if so, were there any reasons why they were not addressed in this release?

Thanks again for all you and the Adobe Analytics team do to improve the customer experience. We really appreciate the work you put into helping us identify and serve up valuable insights to our clients.