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Time units in Calculated Metrics


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I would like to have time units in the calcuated metric editor to calculate average metrics: for example I would like to calculate average daily unique visitors as Total DUV / Number of days considered in time frame because the sum of all DUV doesn't mean anything significant, but the daily average is more useful!



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I agree. A calculated metric for [selected number of days] dynamically populated with the number of days in the date range of a report or dashboard reportlet. I would like to have two dashboard reportlets containing calcuated metrics for "Average Daily Revenue", "Average Daily Orders", "Average Daily Visits", etc. One for the current timeframe (e.g. this week, this month), and one with my reference timeframe (e.g. last week, last month, this year)


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In addition, if we could use a calculated metric based on date ranges to achieve a % change metric, then we could determine the fastest rising and fastest declining products (ie Number of orders yesterday compared to last month), which would be very helpful.