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The ability to see product data trended over time and see how they rank against all product values


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For retail clients, it would be great to have a report where I could see how each product is doing compared to how it did last week, month, quarter, year.  It would be awesome if you could run a "Products Rank" report and see how each product has been doing compared to a specific time frame using the "Add Metrics" function and pull in those report specific metrics. The report should apply to classifications of the product variable as well.  That way, you could see how your categories are trending.

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I submitted a similar request a while back for improved time comparison reports: http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Adobe-Idea-Exchange-for-Omniture/Improve-time-comparison-repo rts/idi-p/3791 While I agree that this would be tremendously useful in the retail space, the functionality would also be beneficial to any client who need to view the top items (e.g. keywords, categories, brands, accounts, regions, etc.) and benchmark them against a prior time period (week/week, month/month, same period last year, etc.)