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Support ISO8859-1 for SAINT imports


Level 10


For all non-english speaking countries you're facing the problem with non-ASCII characters like ü, é, ç, Æ, ...

Using Excel to manage campaign sheets or other SAINT files, you run into the problem that a European Excel per default saves ISO8859-1 and won't save UTF8 at all. Depending on the Excel version you might be able to save a unicode, but this also doubles the file size.

Would be great if ISO8859-1 could be supported by SAINT.


Additionally please don't accept ISO8859-1 files that have characters with charcode >127 in SAINT standard import. Those are treated as UTF-8 on the servers, but will produce unreadable characters, since ISO8859-1 != UTF-8.

Please also accept UTF-8 files with a BOM. If you use an other tool to save SAINT sheets that saves UTF with BOM, SAINT won't accept although valid UTF-8.



Level 5


Hi Andreas,


just out of curiosity: do you have that issue with both web and ftp upload?

I have successfully uploaded some Russian characters via ftp.


so long



Level 10




just tested it. yes, FTP is having the same issues.

Which encoding did the file with the Russian characters have? Sure it was ISO8859-1?




Level 2


When we encountered the issue a few weeks ago, Customer Care instructed us to convert the file to UTF-8 without BOM before uploading. This seems to work but it would be nonetheless an improvement to have ISO8859-1 support - updating our SAINT file is a mostly automated process without that extra manual step.