Support IPv6 Addresses within Adobe Analytics

As a larger share of internet traffic shifts towards IPv6 addresses it is crucial that Adobe supports modern data collection methods.

This issue was raised nearly three years ago and in that time it appears the documentation has consistently referenced "Adobe plans to support IPv6 addresses in the future. However, a target date has not been released yet".

One specific use case is that many analytics customers integrate with mParticle.  mParticle forwards the users IP address to Adobe Analytics, and as many as 60% of site visitors end up being allocated to mParticle's AWS server locations as the users forwarded IP address is a v6 format rather than v4.

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Thanks for posting. This is something we are looking into and scoping out. It touches every part of our infrastructure so it isn't simple but it is something we are actively working on. 

Thank you for checking in Justin.



any update on Adobe Analytics supporting IPv6?