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Site Catalyst - Bounce Rate by Time Spent


Level 3


I'm interested in the ability to measure bounce rate by amount of time spent on the page.  A bounce that occurs in less than 5 seconds after the page load is a lot different than a bounce that occurs 30 seconds after the page loads.  Both visitors may not have found the content/page engaging and decided to leave without interacting with the page, but their experiences and intent could be entirely different.  With the less than 5 seconds segment of visitors, perhaps they got to the page by mistake and immediately hit the back button.  Whereas the group that lands on the page and doesn't immediately bounce may have found something interesting but just not enough to engage them to click.  By segmenting the different groups of "bouncers", we'd get a better sense of performance.

I know that the measurement of web behavior may not be there yet, but when it is, I hope this type of tracking/reporting becomes available!



Level 2


I agree with Jen, that it would be nice to filter off the bounces from people that spend under 10 seconds or a user defined threshold or tiers. This would hopefully allow us to eliminate any bots or performance monitoring tools pinging specific pages. Really the web traffic from known bots should ideally be removed.


One of the challenges I face is depending on how the site is designed, the person may actually stay on the same page, however may still interact with it in some form of way, no event gets triggered, however it still gets treated as a bounce.


Level 5


Although this would be awesome, I don't believe it can be done by Omniture because the way it captures the time spent on a page is if they view more than one page.  Since a bounce is a one page view, you can never know how long they spent on a page, unless they were to click an exit link.  It currently doesn't count time spent by clicks on exit links, but I've heard it will in SC15.