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Single Year Chart Option


Level 10


Right now if I want to see metrics trended over a multiple year period, the chart that is displayed starts at the first date and extends to the last date, with only a single line on the chart. What I would like to see is a chart that is a single year in length, but with multiple years shown on top of one another.

This is what the chart looks like now when spanning multiple years. One single line.

This is the option I would like to have, one line per year. This makes it easier to see the year over year differences.



Level 4


fully agreed. I can't quite figure out when I should be expecting to see the "last year's data" line in page view charts.... it seems like for some date ranges it is included, and for others, it is not...


Level 2


Completely agree.  We now have 4 years of data in Omniture and must pull data out in order to look at longer trends to compare y/y by month.