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Sharing with User Group instead of Product Profile



Hi all,


I think this is one of the critial issue every one has with the Adobe Analytics credential system.


We use “product profile” for sharing workspace because Adobe shows “product profile” instead of “user group” in the box selection for sharing assets. That makes absolutely no sense and it’s not correct from a credential-strategy point of view.

I need to share a report with a TEAM (user group), no with a CREDENTIAL SETTINGS SETS (product profile).


We need to immeditalety bring to engineer/architect or product manager this point.

We need this change now in Adobe Analytics. Companies with hundreds of users share reports every hour. Can you image how much "mess" and redundant settings we are accumulating in our account hour by hour just because of this credentials wierd behaviour?


At the moment Adobe Analytics brings us to create additional product profile when we need to share reports with a group of users. In that product profile settings we also have to grant access to all report suites involved in workspaces we want to share (can you image the workload to keep everything aligned?!?!?!) (bytheway this is another unexpected recent news for credential point of view). 


You dont agree with my idea yet? Ok, listen to this: when users try to share any report, they can see in the box of user selection not just the list of other users, but also all the product profiles!!! ...do we want to share with the folk all our admin stuff??!! 





Hi @JarnoRossiLuxottica 

I was wondering if you have tried this in the meantime-

You can always remove the permissions from the product profile after you have shared it with the user group. 

Once you add a set of permission to a product profile, it becomes available to share in Analysis Workspace UI. When you see it appearing, you can remove all the permissions from that prod profile. The prod profile will continue to be available for sharing projects in the future. In this way you can create set of prod profiles that would eventually have no access (since you will remove them once they are available to share in Workspace) , and share with those groups of user.



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Yes, I would like to vote for this 1000 times. I rarely want to share segments/calculated metrics with "All" and I absolutely do not want the overhead of creating product profiles for each user group, so I'm stuck manually selecting 25-30 individuals for each share action or just giving up and sharing with "All" - which adds clutter to everyone's experience.


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I agree with your request, this would be a nice feature. Something similar can be achieved today with a small workaround:

You can use User Groups within Product Profiles to circumvent this. Instead of adding individual users to a Product Profile, create a User Group (possibly with the same name) and only add this Group to the Profile. Then you can add users to the Group instead of the Profile, effectively achieving the same result.