Shared Segments



Allow users to create and share segments across multiple report suites in SiteCatalyst and Discover, this includes the Data Warehouse. 

E.g.A user with the right permissions can create a segment in any of one the above tools and they should have the ability to share this across the report suites available for that company, additionally  a segment created in SiteCatalyst should be replicated in Discover and the Data warehouse and vice versa (say 24hr later)

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Segments can now be shared across Discover users within the same login company, and those same segments can also be applied across Report suites within the same login company. For segments containing common segmentation elements between Data Warehouse and Discover, those segments can be saved to the "SiteCatalyst" folder from either Data Warehouse or Discover and accessed between the two tools. A unified segmentation experience across DW & Discover is being considered for a future released.