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Settings to filter (include/exclude) dimensions based on the value of metric


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UPDATE: This is duplicate idea, please vote older that has more votes: Allow Filtering report columns/metrics for Limits & Ranges

I would like to filter dimensions on the freeform table based on the values of metrics. Lets take example:

I would like to see only pages that had over 100 pageviews (on the given period) or show only pages that had less than 5 form submission. Simple as this. I believe there is no easy "out of the box" way to do this and seems like not even a detour? There are "greater than..." functions available in calculated metrics but the outcome is either zero or one, so not for my needs.

This is extremely helpful on situation where you want to compare pages between two periods of time and want to see pages that have gotten most visits by percentages. Without this kind of filtering you always get something like 1000% for pages that had 1 visit two weeks ago and last week had 99 visits. These are just new pages or some other small pages that I don't wan't to see and want to filter those out from my table.

Makes sense? Great, vote!